Élevage Le Noir

Who we are

We are first and foremost passionate horse people who have chosen to live their dreams and incorporate this passion into their everyday family life.

As an agricultural engineer and agronomist, Pierre possesses a wealth of knowledge that significantly contributes to the farm's sustained growth and development.

Orphée, an experienced trainer and instructor, advocates the importance of understanding equine behaviour (natural horsemanship) in order to better work with horses and instil a sense of trust and respect towards humans.

What we do

We breed horses the natural way, within the context of the herd, which allows them to better connect with their inner horse spirit. Our foals are handled from birth in order to develop their confidence and sense of respect. You will find wonderful purebred Canadiens horses as well as crosses with Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Arabians.

How our horses cope with winter

A short 30 second video that says it all. Just click on the center screen arrow to start the viewing.

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Well ... ok ... these aren't our horses but we would not be surprised one bit if they were doing this when we aren't watching!

About our upcoming new website

It is now time for us to revamp our web site and make significant changes. Since our horses have matured and our business has evolved markedly over the years, we feel that it is important for our web site to reflect this new reality.

That is why in 2014, we will launch our freshly made-over website, complete with a redesigned logo and a new and inviting home page. In addition you will find many new photos, video footages and all the information needed to make your virtual visit feel like the real thing.

We hope you will take the opportunity to visit the Élevage Le Noir Breeding Farm once it's online. Until then, we invite you to visit La Ferme du Centaure website and invite you to contact us by phone if you require further information.

Thanks for visiting,

Pierre and Orphée